A Day in My Life!

Being an entrepreneur, each day is different, with successes and challenges normally in equal measure. I relish in the variety of my role, coordinating everything from the minute details on the bag designs, the packing of orders, social media and all sorts in-between!

I wouldn’t say I have a ‘typical day’, but I thought it would be fun to share ‘a day in my life’ with you! I love hearing about people, and would love to hear how your day goes!

I usually wake around 7:15am, to the sound of my partner, Mark, slapping his face with aftershave cream. Seriously. This is my alarm call! I’ll drink a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon and do a few yoga sun salutations. These stretches are super quick but – to me – this signifies the start of the day.

I’ll head downstairs and make myself a hot water with powdered collagen, which is magic for my knees and joints. I’ve always been really active, so it’s important for me to take care of my body.

If you’ve followed my Instagram posts, you may have noticed my beloved cat, Mishka, who has her own morning routine, which involves feeding, cleaning and brushing. She can’t start her day until she is properly groomed. Diva-cat??

Breakfast for me is normally porridge with nuts and berries, or more recently, a raw breakfast of overnight-soaked buckwheat and cashew nuts, blended with honey and topped with fruit and nuts in the morning. It’s delicious and is the only thing that keeps me full until midday. I’ll take this with a mug of herbal tea and a strong black espresso while I check the news and the Adjustus V social media accounts.

The factory is in southern India – 4.5 hours ahead of us here in the UK – so there will be emails and messages waiting for me regarding the bag production, as well as checking on deliveries and liaising with couriers.

Seeing customer orders come in is the best part of my day. It still gives me a thrill that someone wants to buy something that I have designed and created. Being an entrepreneur means you have to be brave and take that ‘leap of faith’; receiving orders is reassurance that I’m doing something right! I’ll pack up the orders for that day mid-morning and send them out.

There is normally more administrative work to do at this stage – booking or attending meetings with our design and print company for labels and tags, with photographers to take images of our new lines, both in the studio for product shots plus outdoor shoots for lifestyle images. I’ll do some filing, some accounting and check-in with suppliers such as my web management company or my PR lady. It’s incredibly varied and great fun; there’s never a dull moment!

Next is lunch, made up of my favourite German Rye bread with poached eggs and avocado or I’ll make a salad with lots of lovely fresh ingredients. We have so many beautiful places to eat in West Sussex, where I live, so I might head out for lunch to meet a supplier.

As I’m sure many of you can appreciate, it can be hard to switch off from social media, but I do need to check my accounts routinely throughout the day and respond to any messages or comments, so I’ll normally dip in after lunch, with a flat white for a little caffeine hit to see me through the afternoon!

I am also kept busy with sewing projects, general household chores (who isn’t?!) and helping out friends – I am currently dog sitting!

Late afternoon is when I make time to exercise. I really like to mix and match my fitness activities, so it’ll either be a yoga class, a personal training session or a Krav Maga class. Krav Maga is a combination of various contact-sports, such as boxing, judo and karate. It’s the polar opposite of my years of yoga, but I’ve been doing it for more than a year now and love the challenge of it!

I head home and make dinner for Mark and I at around 7pm. I prefer to eat a light meal, normally fish with grains and vegetables, nothing too fancy, just something I can prepare quickly in less than 30 minutes. I was born in the Czech Republic, where my parents and three sisters still live, so I will speak with one of them on the phone after dinner. They all live very close to each other so it’s only necessary to speak with one of them as any news or gossip travels fast between them!

During the week I like to relax with a book or tune in to a documentary on Netflix. I’ve recently watched Louis Theroux: A different brain. It’s about people recovering from brain trauma injuries and the affect on their families as they learn to live with their loved ones’ personality changes. It’s both moving and scary to think how life can change in an instant. On the weekend, I like to head in to Brighton or zip up to London to catch up with friends for dinner and drinks.



I have a terrible habit of scrolling through social media right before bed, which I know isn’t great, but I try to switch off by 10pm and bury my head in one of the many books pilled on my bedside table – a mix of English and Czech – with a mug of camomile tea or a hot almond milk with turmeric and honey – before lights out at 11pm.

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