Learn about our story and ethos

We’re a conscientious brand, creating beautiful, high-quality, cotton canvas bags using ethical and sustainable practices.

Helping to create a more sustainable fashion future

We love fashion, but not the impact it has on our planet. The fashion industry is one of the worst contributors to pollution.

I’ve held a lifelong dream to create my own range of bags, and in 2015, I saw an opportunity to do this in a sustainable and ethical way.

Working with a small, family-run factory in Kerala, southern India, we produce a range of high-quality, eco-friendly, stylish, handmade bags using a traditional handloom.

Handlooming is a dying art. It’s a labour of love, taking up to three months to create just one roll of fabric.

It’s worth the effort though. Not only are we helping to keep a traditional craft alive, but the resulting fabric is strong and durable, which is exactly what’s needed for a bag that’ll be used time and time again. The more use you get from your bag, the more environmentally-friendly it is.

Our bags are versatile, making them multi-purpose, which is good because our bags like to work hard. Whether it’s helping you to carry groceries home, being rolled up snug in your handbag, or supporting a heavy load, our bags will consistently rise to the challenge.

We don’t support ‘fast, throwaway fashion’ – our bags are designed in timeless styles that will last through the seasons, in a range of classic colours that’ll suit any outfit.

Our team in India only produce what’s needed, in small batches, using the factory’s deadstock fabric (leftover from other production), thus reducing the waste going to landfill.

The factory in Kerala is committed to its ISO9001:200 and SA800 accreditations, ensuring our team have good working conditions, fair living wages and paid holidays.

Orders are sent using compostable mailing bags, biodegradable paper raffia ribbon, recycled brown paper and unbleached tissue paper to minimise the environmental impact.

And the name? Adjustus was the name of my grandfather, born in 1922 in the Czech Republic, at a time when artists and designers sought to raise the status of a craft and produce genuinely modern, well-made items. I hope that he’d be proud of what I’ve created and the ethos of the brand.


Owner and designer