Black Friday – Designer Handbags

Black Friday – Designer Handbags

Welcome! I’m not going to say too much, as it’s Black Friday and no doubt you have lots of shopping to get done! So, in a bid to help you find what you’re looking for, I’ve collated some of our canvas bags by colour. Please enjoy 30% off the entire range for this one special day.


Red canvas bags

A hugely fashionable colour for winter 2017. We have a number of shades of red handbags across our 11 different styles. Here, we’ve picked for you our red tote handbag, called Neha, and our Dilip large shopper in post box red; a beautiful and uplifting colour.



Blue shoulder handbags

As is the case for the whole Adjustus V range, our blue handbags are hand-crafted in India using fabric made by the traditional art of hand-looming. The texture and colour of our bags radiates the quality you get from a handmade item. Our bright blue Anushka handbag is one of our favourites. We’ve pitched it here alongside our signature Petra bag in Oxford Blue and the Denim Blue cross-body shoulder bag, Nadi.


The classic brown bag

I find brown to be a crisp, accent colour that works well with any outfit; stylish and understated. Our brown satchel bag, or messenger bag, is available in a deep, cinnamon tone while our brown holdall bag, named Dara, comes in a warm, ginger brown colour.

Petra x

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