Fashion trends for 2020

Fashion trends for 2020

If you’re familiar with our brand, you’ll know that we don’t support ‘fast, throwaway fashion’. We enjoy fashion, and love seeing the new colours, fabrics and styles coming through each season, but we are certainly not a slave to fashion.

The Adjustus V range has always been about designing beautiful bags that are classic and timeless. Bags that are strong, durable and well-made. Our bags are handmade in Kerala, southern India, using the traditional technique of handlooming. Each bag is handmade from fabric that has been hand-dyed and hung-dried in the sunshine, before being woven on the loom. It’s a labour of love. Our wonderful team in Kerala have even named each bag in the range after Bollywood stars !

To that end, rather than looking at what we might add to our wardrobe for the year ahead, we’re looking at what we can reuse. Now is the perfect time to have a good clear out, sorting items into piles for charity or repair. Landfill should be the last resort nowadays, especially with so many options to recycle your unwanted clothing at high street stores or at clothing banks.

Five Fashion Trends for 2020


We’ve all got a favourite cardigan we wrap around ourselves on those cold, winter days. Fortunately, a super-comfy piece of slouchy knitwear is ‘on trend’ this year! Thank you, @spanishaprilx, who made this beautiful green cardie for me.

Animal print

Whether you go full-on animal print in your faux-fur coat, or add subtle touches in your accessories, don your trusty animal print this year and you’ll be ahead of the pack!


I love a suit – my favourite way to wear a suit is to style a suit jacket with jeans. Last year, I ‘borrowed’ a blazer from my partner’s wardrobe – he doesn’t wear it enough, and I rather like it, so it’s a win-win!


This iconic 80s style popped up again last autumn, so whether you’ve got some vintage pieces in your wardrobe, or an item from last year, the good news is you can continue to wear this romantic detail for a few months yet!

Classic colours

There are plenty of vibrant colours striding down the 2020 catwalks, but we prefer to stick to the basics – black, white, tan and navy. We’ll add little touches of monochrome or brights with our accessories – those we already own, of course!

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