Much more than a beach bag

Much more than a beach bag

large canvas bag use as a laundry bag on bathroom door hook

Our Kiren bag is not just a beach bag. Its size, strong fabric, beautiful ticking-stripe design, and padded handles makes it perfect as a storage bag or laundry bag too.

In fact, at a recent country fair, one customer bought several Kiren beach bags in different colours to be used as laundry bags.

Beautiful, earthy tones

Kiren is available in a classic ticking-stripe design in four colour options: slate grey, sage green, terracotta, and midnight blue.

If you like our Kiren beach bags, you’ll love our Neha shopper bags.

Perfect as a bookbag or foldaway tote shopping bag, Neha rolls up small so you can take it with you wherever you may be.

Sustainable shopping

Fashion is one of the worst contributors to pollution. As a conscientious brand, we make sure our practices are sustainable and ethical.

We respect that natural resources are limited and wish to limit the impact of production on the planet.

By shopping with Adjustus V, you’re choosing:

  • A product that is handmade on a traditional loom by our fabulous team in Kerala, southern India.
  • An incredibly strong and durable product, of exceptional quality, that will last for years.
  • Organic cotton. Our bags are made from an organic cotton and linen mix: the yarn is hand-dyed using AZO-free dye (low-environmental impact) and hung-dried in the Indian sun.
  • Small-scale production. Our team in India only produce what’s needed, in small batches, using fabric leftover from other production. Essentially, we’ve made something beautiful from something that might otherwise have been sent to landfill.
  • To support a fair living wage. The small, family-run factory in Kerala is certified, offering good working conditions, fair living wages and paid holidays.

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