Shop sustainable fashion gifts this Christmas

Shop sustainable fashion gifts this Christmas

canvas clutch bag under mistletoe
Environmentally-friendly fashion buys made easy!

We’ve been so pleased to see the growth in ethical and sustainable fashion brands this year, with big brands also following suit, pledging their own eco-friendly initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment.

Currently, fashion is one of the world’s biggest polluters, which has to change. At Adjustus V, we make conscientious choices regarding our production and delivery that help towards achieving a sustainable fashion industry. The fragility of our planet can seem overwhelming at times, but we can all make small changes to help “Do our bit”.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you our ethical and sustainable practices and some environmentally-friendly fashion gift ideas to suit all budgets. We can still enjoy fashion while caring for planet earth.

Helping to create a more sustainable fashion future

Our products. Multiple colours available for each bag, all in rich, earthy tones making them classic accessories; matching a variety of outfits, suitable for many occasions. This versatility = more frequent use = better for the environment.

Organically grown cotton. Made from an organically grown cotton and linen mix: the yarn is hand-dyed using AZO-free dye (low-environmental impact), and hung-dried in the Indian sun.

Reusable. The yarn is woven on a traditional handloom to make an incredibly strong and durable fabric. This creates a bag that can be used again and again and again … the planet will thank you for reusing your bag as much as possible!

Small-scale production. Our team in India only produce what’s needed, in small batches, using fabric leftover from other production. Essentially, we’ve made something beautiful from something that might otherwise have been added to landfill.

Handmade. The bags are individually made, by hand, no mass-production in sight.

Packaging. We use compostable mailing bags, biodegradable paper raffia ribbon, recycled brown paper and unbleached tissue paper to package our orders.

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