Sustainable fashion and Oxfam’s Second Hand September

Sustainable fashion and Oxfam’s Second Hand September

brown stripe canvas tote bag full of red apples laying on a bed of autumnal leaves

Climate change is all around us. And the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries. That’s why, as a conscientious brand, we make sure our practices are sustainable and ethical.

We strive for a circular economy by using sustainable materials and practices in production and by creating timeless and long-lasting cotton canvas bags that’ll stand the test of time.

  • Our bags are handmade on a traditional loom by our fabulous team in Kerala, southern India.
  • An incredibly strong and durable product, of exceptional quality, that will last for years.
  • Organic cotton. Our bags are made from an organic cotton and linen mix: the yarn is hand-dyed using AZO-free dye (low-environmental impact) and hung-dried in the Indian sun.
  • Small-scale production. Our team in India only produce what’s needed, in small batches, using fabric leftover from other production. Essentially, we’ve made something beautiful from something that might otherwise have been sent to landfill.
  • To support a fair living wage. The small, family-run factory in Kerala is certified, offering good working conditions, fair living wages and paid holidays.

It’s more important than ever to shop consciously – thinking about where your purchases originate from and the impact of their production.

Consider why an item is so cheap to buy and indeed, whether you really need it. Would it be better to invest in sustainable items that you’ll enjoy for many years?

This month is Second Hand September. An initiative from Oxfam that promotes donating, reusing, rewearing, and restyling your clothes during September – and beyond. It’s a campaign that’s inspired many people to shop in a way that’s kinder to people and the planet.

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