Sustainable fashion trends this spring

Sustainable fashion trends this spring

Want to know the colours, the styles, and the detailing that’s ‘on trend’ this spring? We’ve scrolled through the fashion pages to summarise the key takeaways for you in 5 staple outfits. But with sustainable fashion at the heart of everything we do, we’ve shopped our wardrobe wherever possible to create these looks and highlighted conscious brands where we’ve made an investment.

Nurture a sustainable approach to fashion this spring

One of the easiest ways to make sustainable fashion choices is to shop your wardrobe. It’s not only fun digging through items you may have long forgotten about, but it’ll help to protect our planet, and will save you money.

  • With the help of this post, why not create a spring capsule wardrobe from items you already own?
  • Follow the care instructions to ensure your clothes last longer
  • Swap items with friends to refresh your wardrobe
  • Repair, recycle, or upcycle your clothes where possible

If buying new, research the brand’s sustainability credentials. This applies to many different aspects, including the fabrics they use (for example, organic cotton or recycled fibres), the environmental impact of production and waste, and their commitment to the working conditions in their factory.

What to wear spring 2023

As always, there’s a kaleidoscope of inspiration from the catwalk this season, some translating more easily than others to our own wardrobes.

We’ll bypass the sheer fabrics, boudoir detailing, fringing, and sunset-ombre shading, and explore the trends that we can see ourselves enjoying this spring:

  • Colours: pastel candyfloss pink, cobalt blue, zesty lime, blinding white, and dramatic black
  • Styles: low-rise waists, pencil skirts, and soft tailoring
  • Fabrics: metallic gold or silver, relaxed double-denim, and flirty florals
  • Accessories: large, oversized bags, the 3D floral corsage, and drop-like earrings that rest on your shoulders

How we’ll be wearing spring 2023 trends

Ready to see the 5 key looks we’ll be sporting this spring?

Relaxed double-denim

Soft tailoring

Pencil skirts and oversized bags

Khaki green jacket, red tank top, denim knee-length skirt, and our oversized Dilip shopper in post-box red.

Shimmering metallics

Beautifully chic in black

How will you shop your wardrobe to create some new outfits for spring?


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