The perfect oversized eco-friendly beach bag

The perfect oversized eco-friendly beach bag

a lady in the hat with a large canvas bag over her shoulder standing by a pool

The oversized bag is still one of the most popular accessories, and it’s not set to go anywhere soon.

The fashion industry is forecasting that handbag trends for 2024 will include:

  • Oversized bags
  • Textured bags
  • Classic designs with modern twists
  • Bold colours and prints
  • Eco-friendly materials

All we can say is, “Have you met our oversized beach bag??”

Why Kiren ticks all the boxes

Kiren is one of the most popular bags in the AdjustusV range.

  • It’s an oversized beach bag
  • With a textured, classic, ticking-stripe design
  • Available in a selection of bold, earthy tones
  • Made from an organic cotton 

Want to know more?

The yarn used to create the fabric is hand-dyed using AZO-free dye, which has low environmental impact, before being hung-dried in the Indian sunshine.

It is then spun into fabric on the loom by the amazing team in Kerala, southern India. The loom is a traditional production method, resulting in super strong, durable fabric.

Our bags are made from leftover fabric from other production that may otherwise have gone to landfill. Creating something beautiful from something that may have been discarded makes us happy.

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