Three simple ways to make a positive impact on the environment

Three simple ways to make a positive impact on the environment

There are so many events and initiatives in July that focus on cleaning up and looking after the environmentally that it’s hard not to be inspired to get involved in some shape or form.

The whole of July celebrates being ‘Plastic Free’, encouraging us to refuse single-use plastics in July (and hopefully beyond!).

resuable tote shopper bag

Choose our reusable shopper, Neha, seen here in Midnight Blue design

The first week of July is Clean Beaches Week. Did you know, we now have 77 Blue Flag beaches in England? Learn how you can help to maintain these beautiful spaces and get involved with the National Trust’s campaign to make a #PromiseForNature here.

cotton canvas beach bag over a shoulder on a sandy uk beach

Cornwall beach and our beach bag, Kiren, seen here in sage green design

The Great British Spring Clean, which took place between 28th May and 13th June helped to create over a million miles of cleaner and greener spaces throughout the UK. We got involved on a recent trip to the glorious Lake District.

Litter-picking has more benefits than you might think. It’s an excellent excuse to get outside, be active, and connect with nature. In doing so, you’ll be doing something positive for the greater good, which will leave you feeling great! Why not give it a try with your friends, family, or members of your local community? There’s plenty of advice to help you get started and guidance on how to stay safe while doing so on the Keep Britain Tidy site.

So, plenty to keep us busy this month:

• Say no to single-use plastics in July. A simple way to do this is to keep a reusable shopper bag in your car or handbag so you always have it to hand.

• Make a #PromiseForNature. Whether it’s helping to create homes and healthy habitats for wildlife, helping bees and butterflies to thrive, helping keep our seas/rivers clean for wildlife and people, or reducing food miles/waste/packaging, how will you get involved?

• Become a #LitterHero. You can even buy your own litter-picking kit to ensure you’re safely equipped on your quest to help tidy up!

Thank you for supporting our small business.

Adjustus V is an independent, UK-based retailer, helping to create a more sustainable fashion future

• Our products. Multiple colours available for each bag, all in rich, earthy tones making them classic accessories; matching a variety of outfits, suitable for many occasions. This versatility = more frequent use = better for the environment.

• Organic cotton. Made from an organic cotton and linen mix: the yarn is hand-dyed using AZO-free dye (low-environmental impact), and hung-dried in the Indian sun.

• Reusable. The yarn is woven on a traditional handloom to make an incredibly strong and durable fabric. This creates a bag that can be used again and again and again … the planet will thank you for reusing your bag as much as possible!

• Small-scale production. Our team in India only produce what’s needed, in small batches, using fabric leftover from other production. Essentially, we’ve made something beautiful from something that might otherwise have been sent to landfill.

• Handmade. The bags are individually made, by hand, no mass-production in sight.

• Fair living wage. The small, family-run factory in Kerala is certified, offering good working conditions, fair living wages and paid holidays. We’re proud to work alongside this supremely talented team.

• Packaging. We use compostable mailing bags, biodegradable paper raffia ribbon, recycled brown paper and unbleached tissue paper to package our orders.

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The factory is committed to all aspects of its social responsibility, including labour conditions (including the prohibition of child labour) and the safety and hygiene of its employees, while also remaining compliant with Government minimum wage requirements. As such, it remains committed to its ISO9001:200 and SA800 accreditations.

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