Travels to India

I’m off to India in January to meet with the team responsible for making our canvas bags. It’s been a year since we launched the brand and even longer since I’ve seen everyone in Kannur, so I’m looking forward to updating them on how things are going and how their creations have been received.

Kannur is nestled on the western coast, in the southern tip of India, within the region of Kerala. The fabric warehouse and factory are situated among beautiful forests with mango, papaya, jackfruit and coconut, which are commonplace in this area. The region is popular with joggers and walkers who enjoy early morning activity on the Payyambalam beach front before it gets too hot. I’ll definitely be taking my Kiren Beach Bag and hope to get some yoga practice in!


The main purpose of my trip though, is to decide on new fabrics and to discuss my new designs for 2018. I find this part of the process really exciting – it’s where it all begins! I can’t say too much yet, but I will keep you posted on here and via our social media channels.  




Petra x

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