We are three!

Third 3rd Birthday Card with Candle in Colorful Macaroons and Sprinkles. Card Mockup.

We’re celebrating! This month marks our 3rd birthday!

I want to start by saying, “Thank you! A truly, heartfelt thank you!” for staying with us on our journey as a new business.

Someone asked me recently, what it’s like, starting a new business. My answer was, it’s scary! Honestly, it’s really scary. Putting my designs out there for the world to see, in the hope that people like them! It makes you really vulnerable. Having said that, it must have given me a thick skin too, because I’m still here :-)

Launching your own business is an adventure, and it’s only natural to have ups and downs. I think it’s really important not to stay still. I’m reading and learning as much as possible (when I’m not busy with the brand or working my second job to help pay the bills!) to try to be the best I can.

Marketing the brand can sometimes feel like a full-time job (a really fun one!) with all the opportunities that social media presents. Learning when to switch off is something I’m working on! My partner, Mark, will be pleased when I finally figure that one out!

I really need to mention the craftsmen and women in Kerala, India, who continue to make our beautiful bags. I’m so grateful to have this fantastic team behind me. They are the backbone of Adjustus V. We are not – and never will be – a mass-produced brand. Our bags are all handmade. The fabric is made on a handloom – not a machine – with the yarn hand-died and hung-dried in the Indian sunshine. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I can honestly say a lot of love has gone into each and every one of our bags and that makes me really proud.

Thank you once again for your love and support!

Petra x

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