Who is Adjustus V?

We are a small team, trading for just over a year, bringing my hand-drawn sketches to life with our very talented team in Kerala, southern India. I named the company after my Czech grandfather, Adjustus, who was a true craftsman and believed in producing quality items with love and care. I would like to share with you some of the things that, I feel, make Adjustus V a little different, a little special.

The art of handlooming

Here lies the difference with Adjustus V bags; they are all individually, handmade by our Keralan family, who use the age-old art of handlooming to produce the amazingly durable, hard-wearing fabric we use in our bag production.

Generations have been taking the carefully selected cotton yarn, hand-dying it and hanging it to dry in the sun before it is woven on the loom. It can take up to a month to make just one roll of fabric, but the end result is really special, as is the process of production.

Other companies would use the cheaper and faster method of machine looming, for efficiency and for lower costs, but my dream was to honour a more traditional method, to keep this heritage alive and deliver a top-quality, handmade item.


New designs for 2018!

Let me show you some of the highlights from my recent trip to India, where I met with the team to discuss new bag designs and new colours for spring 2018. More on this soon!











Beautiful India


Kannur, in the region of Kerala, southern India, is the coastal town where the factory is located, nestled in groves of banana, papaya, coconut, mango and jackfruit trees. Chaal beach is a ten minute walk from the factory – a lovely, peaceful place to unwind at the end of the day. The long, sandy beach, Payyambalam, is a short drive away and is alive with activity during the day, with both locals and tourists. It’s a popular spot for jogging and walking at sunrise and for the odd game of cricket or football before the sun sets.










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